An assistant principal from Sydney's west, who has been charged with alleged child grooming offences and possession of child abuse material, had reportedly said he'll give $2000 to anyone who could expose the identities of those who impersonated him online. 

'If you can provide information to the real identities of those behind the pedo-pushing profiles or assist me in finding out exactly who was behind the Alex Gollan contact and consequent grooming of the students in my care, I will give you $2000,' Alexander Gollan wrote on Facebook in 2013, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The teacher from Homebush Public School was arrested about 6.30pm on Wednesday and charged with inciting a victim under 10 years to commit an indecent act.

Police said they were made aware of the suspicious activities of a man who was allegedly using a social media platform to engage in indecent conversations with a nine-year-old girl in September last year.

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Detectives made inquiries into the matter and on Friday 10 October 2014, they attended a home in Condell Park where they executed a search warrant and seized a number of electronic items from the property.

About 6.30pm yesterday detectives attended the home in Condell Park and arrested the man.

Mr Gollan, who is also an anti-racism blogger, said he had been set up by enemies online who disagreed with his political views.

'They've basically tried to send me these things and said "I know you love this s***," he told the Telegraph.

When asked about his interaction with a young girl online he said: 'I said "Stop being cute", but I say stuff like that to adults. Obviously it's triggered warning bells.

'I was here alone, I wasn't grooming.'

Police worked closely with the NSW Department of Education in this matter and the teacher was removed from duties in October 2014.

(Daily Mail)


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